I Just Have To Say

Here’s a new abstract watercolor I did. I have done a bunch of these recently. They are a lot of fun.

But I’m taking a time out from art to say say how concerned I am for my country and for democracy. I feel it is a very frightening time right now in America. We have a President who probably has no understanding of how the United States operates. I don’t think he knows there are three distinct areas of government. Each one supporting the other and each one having specific duties.

I look at the upcoming elections, and see that they are more likely than not being rigged again. They were rigged by the Russians in 2016 to cause Donald Trump to win. The same thing is happening again.

I watch in horror as Bernie Sanders is becoming the likely nominee of the Democrats. The Republicans will have a field day pointing out to America that basically he is a Socialist, not a Democrat. He is followed by a small group of radicals. He’s not a member of the Democratic Party. I firmly believe that something underhanded is going on and our electoral process is being stolen again.

America cannot withstand another four years of Donald Trump.

I probably will not get in any discussions about what I’ve written. It’s just my opinion. You go vote your conscience.

Abstract Watercolor 1

This is an abstract watercolor that I recently did on my iPad Pro in Procreate. I did it using new watercolors that I recently purchased from Max Ulchiney.

They are really fun brushes to use. They feel a whole lot like you are using real watercolors. It also includes a wax crayon that I have come to love.

My Lady in Green

I don’t have much to say about these women that I’m painting. I’d rather let the viewer figure them out.

They are a series done in Procreate on my iPad with new watercolor brushes I just downloaded. I love the watercolor brushes. I’ve not seen any in Procreate that I was impressed with before.

It’s A Watercolor Woman

So here I am AGAIN painting a daily face. I do this for awhile, then for some reason I quit. Then all the lessons I learn are forgotten, much of the forward motion I make is lost.☹️

Then I have to get up the courage to start again. I pull out my notes, look at the old portraits, see what I did right and wrong and go forward again.

This time I am working with new watercolor brushes in Procreate 5.0. I have never been impressed by watercolor in Procreate. But these brushes by Max Ulichney ($25!!!!!!) were being spoken of as really wonderful.

I balked at the price. But then went ahead and purchased them at Gumroad.

I really like them a lot! Max outdid himself. So did Procreate with its new brush engine.

So far, I’ve done three of these and they are improving each morning.

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