An Orange Rose

My neighbors grow some gorgeous roses. I love to take my iPhone and go for a walk in my neighborhood and take photos of their roses.

This particular rose is one of my favorites. Year after year It has given me superb photos.

The best part about photographing your neighbor’s roses is you don’t have to hassle with the care of the roses. No dealing with aphids or any of that.

Have a great day.

More Shells

These are more shells I did. I used an app called Decim8 after I shot the shells.

Decim8 takes pixels and mixes them up and down and sideways. It is known as a Glitch app. There are several Glitch apps out there for iPad and iPhone but this is one of the better ones. Unfortunately this one really only works on the iPhone.

It is slow and crashes on both generations of the iPad.

I have a first generation iPad and it really gives me fits.

One thing that helps is to reboot the iPad prior to using the app.

The good news is Apple is coming out with new iPad Pros in June.


I was in a crazy mood one day and drew this crazy woman.

I did this drawing in Painter using their new Natural Media brushes. Corel, the maker of Painter wanted to attract real artists. So they made a group of real art brushes for them. It made me wonder what they thought I was? A fake artist? What kind of brushes have they been dishing up to me all these years? I think the person who introduced this just used poor wording.

Anyway, these Natural Media brushes are pretty cool. There are pencils, conte, charcoal and erasers that I really like. I used those to make Conchita.

If you have Painter and haven’t tried these categories out yet, you should.

Of course, I wasn’t happy with the default brushes and had to tinker with all of them to get them how I liked them. But they didn’t take too much adjusting.

Meet Sally

This is my second version of Sally. I redid her hair, earrings and some of her facial features. But quite frankly, she looks best bald. I find that very interesting. We women are so obsessed about our hair and how it looks. Yet somehow I’ve drawn a woman who is most beautiful bald.

I think it’s because hair is a bit difficult to paint in watercolors.

Also, I took a portrait class recently and most of us admitted that hair was something we spent the least amount of time on. Like it was almost an afterthought for many.

I used the new upgrade to Rebelle 3, which I love. I showed off what the newest blow tool can do with drips in the background.

Overall, the app is more powerful, which is welcome. It does a lot more, which is also welcome. It’s a favorite app of mine. It acts just like real watercolor. Jason Maranto is making some awesome brushes for Rebelle which he has available through his Patreon site for a very reasonable $5.00 per month.

I Can’t Quit You Baby

This is a painting I finished awhile ago in Painter. Painter is a high-end painting app made by Corel. I made this painting with thick impasto brushes that I made. Painter comes with probably hundreds of brushes. But I like to make my own to do exactly what I want them to do.

Painter has a very complex brush engine. This is both a plus and a minus. It has taken me a long time to understand the brush engine. But now that I have, I can make brushes that do what I want them to do.

The brushes I used for this painting are particle brushes. The particle brushes in Painter are based on physics. They can be pretty wild. But if you get control of them, then they can look very realistic and mimic real brushes.

Then you can add in the impasto effect to them and get a really interesting brush.

Controlled Chaos

I recently took a class from a woman, Tricia Dewey (find her here). It was called Controlled Chaos. It was an amazing course. We learned a lot about several iPad and iPhone apps.

The app that fascinated me the most was one called Decim8. This is what is known as a Glitch app. These apps take your photo and tear the pixels apart. All to varying degrees.

Then we took our photos that Decim8 had taken apart and layered them in another fairly new app called SuperimposeX. It is made by the maker of Leonardo and Superimpose.

This is a new layering app with blending ability and it does other things also.

I took my piece after putting it in SuperimposeX and put it in Procreate and used a pencil to put some lines on it.

By the way!!!! Tricia and I have opened a page on Facebook where we teach IOS Apps. The page is called IAG-IOS App Group. You can reach us here.

Each month we will do a video, give you a photo to do the Challenge and have a feature slide show at the end of the month. Come and join us!!!

Somebody Loves Me

This is my latest painting done in Corel Painter 2018 and Rebelle by Escape Motions.

I started it in Rebelle which is a fabulous app that mimics watercolors. It acts exactly like you are painting with real watercolors! Absolutely amazing. I use it to make drips. Which Painter just can’t do.

I ended up covering up all the drips but I left some of the watercolor blending. It’s really so subtle and wonderful.

In Painter I used acrylics to paint in textures. You get textures based on which papers you choose. Then you adjust your brush settings to the amount of paper texture you want.

After that I moved on to my present favorite thing to do. That is add liquid inks. They paint on their own layer. That’s because their layer had these special settings where you can tell the ink to become thick. Which I did. So that’s the lines that are standing up. Also the dots on those lines.

I finished with regular inks.

A very fun piece to work on.

Definitely this piece was an adventure for me.

Enjoy your day!

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