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Pincushion Protea

This is a macro shot of a pincushion protea. Protea originally come from Africa but are found all over the world in tropical climates. 

There are about 1600 species of these flowers. They are absolutely incredible. They come in all kinds of shapes and every color imaginable. 

If you want a real treat take yourself over to Pinterest and check out these flowers. 

I use the word macro lightly here. It is not a macro in the true definition of macro. A true macro is 1:1. 

I took this on my iPhone 6 Plus with an Olloclip lens. It is a magnification lens. I was using the 14x lens. 

I love using the 14x and 21x lenses. I like to put them on my iPhone and go exploring to see what Mother Nature has hidden in the details. 




This is a sunflower photograph I took recently.  Warren and I were on a drive heading east in Washington state.  We stopped in at Index which is a very picturesque little village nestled among the cascades and sits below Mt. Index.

On the way home, we stopped in Gold Bar for lunch. I had the absolute worst meal of grease ever.  I will spare you the details.  I’ll just say that when traveling in small towns, Mexican is your best bet.  While it may not be the best, it is hard to ruin a taco.  One has to work incredibly hard to ruin rice, beans and a taco.

After lunch, we came upon a poor little bedraggled sunflower plant in someone’s front yard.  I have been seeing glorious fields of sunflowers lately.  I was extremely disappointed.  But I figured, what the heck.  You never know. Well, I ended up with this beautiful photo.

So, you never know when that one special photo will show up in your camera.

This was taken with my iPhone 6 Plus camera on auto, using  Camera+.  I may have used macro mode, I forget.

For post processing, I started in Enlight.  That is my new go-to app.  I have been a real fan of Snapseed and still use it.  But I find that I can make some more subtle changes in Enlight.  I especially like the Clarify settings under image.  Those settings there seem to offer a bit different set of adjustments for sharp, saturation and black.

Then I took this into iColorama in the style settings.

Finally, I took it into Tangled Fx and used one of my custom settings. I love Tangled Fx. I like to make my own adjustments to their settings.  I have about 15 special settings.


Something different 

I started doing photography a few years ago. Initially I just assumed my art skills would transfer over and all would be fine and I’d be a great photographer. 

Well, that was foolish. Photography is a whole art unto itself

I have decided to explore photography on my iPhone. It has a fairly good camera. There are apps you can get for it that let you take macro shots and make any other adjustments you want to. 

Then, there are literally hundreds of apps to use in processing your photos. 

Being the color freak I am, I usually can’t just leave my photos alone. 

I’ve included two examples of what I’m doing with my photos. 

Circular Diversions

This painting is a different one for me. It’s a different style than what I usually do. 

I started it off in Rebelle with watercolors and inks as usual. But I didn’t do a lot of drips like I usually do. 

So, when I brought this into Painter, there were some different things to play with to make a painting. 

I used Dynamic Speckle brushes. These brushes are driving me nuts. They seem to cause Painter to lag. When I switch from one brush to the other, there is a very long pause before the new brush will start to paint. 

I have talked to Corel, the manufacturer of Painter about this. I got their typical response. First, they try to blame me or my computer. When they can find no fault there, they disappear and stop all communication. That company sucks. I would never buy from them. Except there is no choice. 

However, they sell other software. I advise you to look elsewhere. I do. 

Corel is a company that doesn’t give a damn about their customers. 

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