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Circular Vision

This painting was done entirely in Painter. I used some new brushes I made. They are the camel hair brushes. 

I painted this piece, and then set it aside for several months as I didn’t like it. 

However, with fresh eyes, I decided that with a few more strokes, I did like it very much. 


My Love Letter to You

I belong to a group of women artists. We do prompt paintings. 

One woman will start the painting by saying a prompt for the first layer.  Then several others each give a prompt for additional layers. 

This one started as a rhyme influenced by Dr. Seuss. Then I suggested that we do a layer much like a fanciful painting that Dr. Seuss had done. 

In addition to writing children’s books , Dr. Seuss was a prolific painter. 

Then there was a prompt to write yourself a love letter and incorporate it into the painting. 

There were a few more layers and I ended up with this. 

I used my Camel Hair brushes to paint most of this. It was done in Painter 

City Life

This is a digital painting I did mostly in an app called Rebelle. It has fantastic watercolor effects. It is almost like real life watercolors. 

I used the watercolors, acrylics and inks in Rebelle. I usually use a lot of drips in Rebelle, but didn’t this time. 

To finish the painting, I took it into Painter for finishing touches. 

Two More Paintings 

 I am blogging two paintings today. 

The first is Silent Days. I worked on this first in Rebelle with watercolors and inks. At that point, the painting felt very organic and peaceful. 

I took it into Painter, but I didn’t do a lot to change it. I added some new brushes to it. Corel, the maker of Painter, calls these particle brushes. They fly all over the place and can be difficult to control. 

But, they can give your painting some very realistic effects. 

The second painting, is one that is different for me. Painter just came out with its version for 2016. There were several new brushes I tried. They mostly are impasto brushes. I really like the thick strokes. I hope to see more of these in the future in my work. 

Falling Down 

I’m in Maui. I love it here. The sun is out, the sea and skies are blue. It’s heavenly. 

Of course, fibromyalgia and lyme disease had to come along. I had to rest yesterday and today. But tomorrow I’ll be back on the beach and go out to lunch. 

About this painting. I started it in Rebelle with watercolors and inks and acrylics. After mostly finishing it, I popped it in Painter for some finishing touches. 


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