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Breaking Through 

I am very happy with this painting, I’m glad to say. 

I started this painting in Rebelle with watercolors and inks. I love how much Rebelle mimics real watercolors and real water. This is the future of digital art. As technology advances, and more people become digital artists, the lines will continue to blur. 

Right now, digital artists are thought of as separate, different. But there’s no difference. Art is art. It’s just a matter of everyone coming into the future. Change always meets with resistance. So-called purists are just short sided. 

I finished this painting in Painter. I used the new dynamic speckle brushes. They are magnificent. Corel hit one out of the ballpark with these brushes. They look and work just like real life brushes. There is no end to the amount of customization one can do to these brushes. 

Sunny Days

I spent the last two months on Maui. It was fantastic. 

I love waking up each day and eating breakfast of scrambled eggs and fresh papaya on the lanai. 

Then out to the beach to soak up sun. 

Many afternoons, I was able to paint. I would sit looking out at the ocean and hear the waves lapping up on the shore. 

I love bright colors. So the colors of the flowers on Maui were a big influence in this painting. 

Coming Together 

Coming Together is not only the name of this painting, but also how I feel. 

When my husband, Warren, retired in July, 2015, my blogging took a backseat. I had always read other blogs each day at lunch. Then, I started eating lunch with Warren. 

Soon after his retirement, I also started to not blog my art. 

Blogging fell into the background and almost disappeared. 

I have spent the last few months trying to get back to blogging. 

I really miss my many friends I made through blogging. 

When I started this blog, I made a commitment to always blog my paintings. Well, I was way behind. 

But this post almost catches me up. I know my blogs have been less than interesting. The paintings I’ve posted are so old, I forgot my exact journey through them. 

But no more. 

I remember my journey through this painting. I finished it two months ago. 

I started it in Rebelle with watercolors. I wanted a painting with lots of drips. 

Then I took it into Painter and worked on it as an abstract. 

I am switching between abstracts and what I’m calling abstract florals in my paintings. 

I wanted to start putting more textures in my abstracts. So I focused on that. 

As I worked, most of the drips I had made disappeared. So at the end, I put the painting back in Rebelle and added the dark drips. 

Wandering Eyes

This is a painting I started in Rebelle. I used watercolors, inks and acrylics in Rebelle. 

Then I brought the painting into Painter to finish it. 

I used oils in Painter. 

One thing that is very fun about digital art is being able to mix media together that one would not necessarily do in real-world art. 

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