Living with Pain: Prejudice and Mistreatment

This is an excellent blog about chronic pain and abuse of prescription drugs. I lived for over ten years in almost unbearable pain before some enlightened physician finally had some intelligence and compassion and put me on time-release morphine. I have been on the same dose for over 20 years. So pain medication can and does work.

EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

Living with Pain: Prejudice and Mistreatment – National Pain Report

 interviews Janice Reynolds, a member of the steering committee for The Pain Community.

There is a steady and continuing drum beat in the press and from researchers and commentators warning of the dangers connected to prescribing and using opioid pain medicine. In this mix are the usual research reports proclaiming the same debatable results.

There are two converging lines of research inquiry:

1) That prescription opioids are the gateway drugs to dangerous street drugs, most especially heroin.

2) That high doses of opioids are dangerous to pain patients, and the long term use of them doesn’t help reduce pain and exposes the patient to likely addiction.

The second line of inquiry conflates dependency with addiction. This confusion continues the canard that opioid medicines are extremely addictive and thus dangerous.

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  2 comments for “Living with Pain: Prejudice and Mistreatment

  1. Carole Jeffries
    June 29, 2014 at 4:55 am

    Yes, this was an excellent blog. I’m going to read it to Mom. She can relate.



    • June 29, 2014 at 5:16 am

      I’m sure your mother can relate 100%! I’m glad you will read it to her.


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