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Come Fly With Me

This is a painting I recently did in Corel Painter 2019. Painter is an app for the computer. It has just about every type of artistic media you can think of: pens, pencils, oils, watercolor, pastel, crayons, etc. It literally has hundreds of brushes. Over the years, I’ve collected thousands of brushes.

It has a pretty steep learning curve. But there are lots of videos available and classes available.

I did this piece using brushes I made myself. I pretty much only use brushes that I make anymore. I find that after having used Painter for such a long time, I’m very particular about my brushes. I want a brush(es) that’s going to do exactly what I want it to do.

I like getting new brushes from others, but I always will tweak them a bit to suit my needs.


A Landscape

Something different for you today. I am mainly an abstract artist. But here is a fun little landscape. I like to try these just to see where they can go.

I did this in Painter by Corel. I love the many things that Painter can do. For instance, it has a perspective tool I used to make sure my path was correct in relation to the horizon.

I used pastels and acrylics to do this piece.

It looked a bit empty when I got done, so I added the guy walking on the path.

I love to do skies that are very colorful. I could sit and paint beautiful sunset or sunrise skies all day.

While I was painting this my goal was to allude to the landscape in the way the impressionists did. They gave an illusion of leaves and let the eye fill in the details.

Warren’s Sunset

I’m showing a lot of trust and blogging on my iPhone. Word Press has done major work on the iPhone app.

This is from a photo my husband took. It was taken at the end of our street.

I initially did this digital pastel about a year ago. I decided it needed work. The clouds were looking very odd and the mountains had no contrast.

I recently joined a group on Facebook. People there are actually willing to tell you what’s wrong with a piece.   Don’t get me wrong, I love all the likes. But sometimes I just really need a helping hand.

I have never gone back to a piece and reworked it. I have learned so much so fast in painting. I try to do some kind of art every day. Going back to a piece feels uncomfortable. I have changed. My art skills have changed.

Going back and reworking this proved very difficult. My strokes were very small and tight.

This was done digitally. I had all kinds of layers and digitally, it was a mess.

I think I should have just done a new one. That’s what I’ll do next time.

The clouds in this piece had always bugged me. They were so stiff. I also wanted to honor my husband’s photo with a better pastel.

It took me three days of futzing around, but I finally got it.

Mary over at oilpastelsbymary.com is a fabulous pastel artist.  She had been a huge inspiration to me

I hope you enjoy this.

Morning Thistles

Morning Thistles

Morning Thistles

Morning Thistles 2

Morning Thistles 2

These are two versions of the same digital pastel. Most mornings I have started doing quick warm-up art.  Nothing special, just warm myself up.

The other morning, I did the first one, I liked it and kept it.  Then I looked at it that evening on my iPhone.  I thought it didn’t have enough “pop.”  I am obsessed with getting my work to pop with lights and darks.

So, on the iPhone, I took the pastel into an app called Diana.  I layered this pastel with another abstract of mine.  I used several filters provided in Diana and came up with some very interesting results.

Take Ten

Take 10

Take 10

I have been in Maui for five weeks.  It was heaven.

While there, I took an ecourse from Tracy Verdugo.  I’ll talk more about this wonderful class in a future post.  It is an amazing painting/mixed media ecourse.  It is absolutely overflowing with wonderful creative material for any kind of artist, including a digital painter like me.  Check out Tracy and future courses here.  Tracy has written a great book entitled Paint Mojo.  That’s what the course was all about, getting on our creative Mojo.  It did.

Tracy not only took us through an entire painting, but gave us an incredible amount of other material.  Each week she gave us several projects to do to rev up our creative juices.  The class was just six weeks, but it will take me many more weeks to finish going through all she offered.

This piece is one exercise from one of the weeks.  We drew a grid and then chose a shape or object to draw.  We were to draw in each box in a different way.  I did a slightly different take on it.

Painter, the app I use to paint with, comes with over 700 brushes in various media.  I have added several hundred more brushes and media.  I have all kinds of media at my hands, not just paint.  Painter will mimic acrylic, oils, pens, pencils, crayon, conté, charcoal, gouache, watercolor, pastels (my favorite at this time), markers, and the list goes on.  It shows strokes in 3D.

I can use any kind of paper texture that I can scan in on my computer.  The brushes will show/interact with the textures of the papers.

There is way more that it can do.  I’ll save that for another post.

What A Ride

What A Ride

What A Ride

This is a digital pastel I did in Painter 2015.

I finally have done a piece I’m happy with.  I have struggled with my art lately.  I know what I want, but I can’t get the message from my brain to the paper.

I am trying to keep my work much looser.  This, I think, is crucial to getting good results.

I used my pastel brushes that I made in Painter 2015 for this pastel.  I am trying to get the effect of dry pastels.

Best of all, I had a lot of fun doing this pastel.


The Icing On the Cake


The Icing On the Cake

The Icing On the Cake

I honestly don’t know where this painting came from.  It’s almost like another artist did it.  There is a struggle going on inside of my artistic self.

I had a very hard time with this one.  I’ve only been painting for two years.  I used to do textile art.

Painting is a real adventure for me.  It has been a journey of some amazing discoveries, but also some very difficult struggles.

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