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Abstract 3



This painting is out of sequence.  I did it after Peace At Last, here, and before Wonderland, here.

This piece and Peace at Last were breakthrough pieces for me.  I have tried to paint in a certain way.  To get what I was seeing in other art and in my head, on the canvas.

Wonderland was where it all came together for me.

Since finally “getting” it, my whole attitude towards my work has changed.  I am having much more fun while painting.  I have more confidence.

I feel like I’ve embarked on a brand new adventure.  The possibilities are endless!

The Blog Hop



I’m so excited.  About two weeks ago, I discovered that art bloggers were doing blog hops.  Blog Hops are where one artist blogs about his/her art, and then asks three other artists to talk about their art in their blogs.

I really wanted to be asked to do one.  Then, last week, Yanik Falardeau asked me to participate in an art blog hop. Wow!  Thank you, God and Yanik.  Check out Yanik’s fabulous blog here

The lyme has flared back up.  Apparently general anesthesia, which I recently had, can cause this to happen.  I had been feeling very despondent about this, because I am very sick again.  So this has come at a really good time for me.

There are four questions I am to answer as part of this blog hop.

The first question is:  What are you working on at the present time?

I have just finished this painting, called Wonderland.

I took my first painting class from Flora Bowley in September, 2012.  I have been painting ever since.  As most of you know, I paint digitally.

Since I took Flora’s class, I have been working very hard to get my paintings to look like what I see in my mind.

I have been pouring over other people’s work looking for help and inspiration.  I look at work by Flora, students of Flora’s, Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Matisse, Klee and many others. I want to paint as the big kids do.

I made progress and I was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in Peace at Last (posted here) and another painting.  But they were still not quite what I was trying to get.  There was just not enough going on in the paintings.

With this painting, I feel like I finally started to get what I wanted.  I finally got a painting to do what is in my head.  This is a huge break-through piece for me.  To me, Wonderland is freer and has depth.

I know I have a long ways to go, but I’m very encouraged.  I’m starting to really have a lot of fun painting.

The second question is:  How does my work differ from others in this genre?

Flora Bowley calls her students the Bloomers.  I really like the way Flora and many of her students paint.  However, in many of the student paintings, there is a tendency to pretty much copy almost exactly what Flora does.  People use the same exact symbols and color combinations she uses.

I decided that one thing I don’t want to do is have someone look at my work and say, “Oh, yeah, she took Flora’s Bloom True class.”  I want my work to reflect the unique creative person I am.

The next question is: Why do you create what you do?

I have FM/CFS/lyme and spend about 75% of my time in bed.  I had been a textile artist prior to becoming ill in 1994.  Then, I no longer was well enough to do textiles.  I thought I could no longer do what my soul wanted to do.  Then, I found out I could paint on the computer in bed with a Wacom tablet.  Being able to paint again and be creative has filled a hole in my soul.

I am driven to create.  It is like I don’t have a choice.  For some reason, God wants me painting.  I hope that it brings joy to others.

The last question is How does your creative process work?

While I work on a painting, I stay focused on that painting.  I work only on it.

When I paint, it takes me away to a very special place.  When I can find that place, then I can tap into what makes me creative and makes me feel very good.

I work in layers.  I start out with just throwing paint, pastels, whatever on the canvas.  I build up the layers of paint and marks, to hopefully give the end painting a lot of interest. This is the part I have been struggling with so much.  I think I touched it in this painting.

I have chosen three other artists I admire to carry on blogging about their art.  I hope you will check out their pages.

They are,

Karen Bonaker at Karen Bonaker Art;

Mary at Oil Pastels By Mary;

Mo Davies, at The Crazy Crone’s Arty Farty Studio

All three of these women are wonderfully creative artists.


Peace At Last


Peace At Last

Peace At Last

This painting was done using pastel brushes I made in Painter.

I took a painting class from Flora Bowley in September, 2012.  Since then, I have had an idea in my head of how I wanted to paint.  But getting it down on canvas has been a struggle.

I look and look at other art work.  I see what people are doing, but I can’t seem to do it.

This piece was a huge break-through for me.  I am closing in on how I want my work to look.

What I strive for in my art is to have a lots of light and dark contrast.  That is what makes a painting pop.  As much as I try, dark and light values have been a real challenge for me.  It sounds easy, but it’s not.

I learned a trick to use with digital painting.  In Painter, I open a new layer on top of the other layers.  I fill it with black and put it on colorize composite method.  When I am painting, I open this layer and it shows my painting in black, white and greys.  This lets me know if I am getting a good variety of values in my work.

With this piece, I did better than I usually do.  However, I discovered that if I use all highly saturated colors, they will all have the same value.

I was able to get a feeling of depth in this piece.  I have learned that I was able to do that because I used more light and dark values.





I finished my Botanical Illustration class.  For details on the class, check here.

This is my final piece.  I am totally amazed at what I did in this class. I didn’t think I could really draw much of a flower, let alone, have it look realistic.  But I did.

I am so glad I challenged myself creatively and went out on a limb to see what I’m capable of doing.

The past several months, I have done landscapes, pastel sunsets and flowers.  It has been an interesting journey.  I want to continue to explore painting like this.

But for now, I’m going to go back to abstract art.  That where I am comfortable.  I have so much more to learn in that area.  I’m excited to see what happens now that I’ve taken a side trip from abstract.



Kerry’s Orchid

Kerry's Orchid

Kerry’s Orchid

I have taken a Botanical Illustration class at the Digital Art Academy (DAA).  They have classes for the app I use to paint, Painter X3.

Botanical Illustration refers to the kinds of highly technical drawings that were in vogue in the late 1800’s.  I didn’t stick strictly to the style they used back then.  I updated it for now.

I signed up for this class on a lark.  I didn’t know I could paint like this.  I ended up kind of dreading the class and wondering what I had gotten myself into.

Then, I decided to have an attitude change.  I decided to show up, put forth my best effort and have fun.  Guess what, I did have fun and amazed myself at what I could do.

Feminism from Sincerely, Ms. Roberts



I want to share a blog from a friend of mine, Heather D. Roberts.  It is a very good blog of her views of feminism.

I consider Heather my blog mentor. I have tended to think of mentors as older than myself.  But with Heather, that is not the case.  We are separated by about 40 years in age.  But in how we think, we are in the same place..

What Heather says in her blog is put better than what I could put together.  Please enjoy Heather’s blog here.

The art for this piece was taken from an abstract I did.  Then I cropped it and enhanced it.


Hawaiian Sky

Hawaiian Sky

Hawaiian Sky

Here is another pastel from the class I’m taking.  You can read about that class here.

I have learned so much in this class and become so much more confident in doing landscapes.  haven’t really done many landscapes.  I am an abstract artist.  Or at least I used to be.  Now I’m becoming a more rounded artist.

This is very exciting for me.  I really didn’t believe I could do palm trees.  But, whoa, I did.  I just started painting, and they appeared.  I am learning more and more with realistic painting that, yes, I can do it.

I used to believe I couldn’t draw realistically.  But it’s turning out I can paint realistically.

One thing I have learned since I started painting in 2012, is that in art, as in life, just show up and do your best, and you’ll do well.

It’s all in showing up and being willing, I think.

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