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Hawaiian Sunset

Hawaiian Sunset

Hawaiian Sunset

This pastel was done from a photograph I took from our lanai last November in Maui.

I haven’t ever really done landscapes until recently.  I really didn’t think I could draw one.  But I’ve taken two classes on landscape art now, and amazingly, I’m doing them.  They are so much fun.

I am taking a class from Karen Bonaker at the Digital Art Academy.

Karen made over 30 pastel brushes for us to use in our class.  They are amazing brushes.  They make marks just like various kinds of real pastels.  One can use different paper textures to get different effects.

These brushes were made to use a setting Painter has to paint with two colors at the same time.  It is called Color Expression.  Karen made these brushes so that when I press lightly, I get one color and as I press harder, a second color appears.  This feature is just great.  Many of Painter’s brushes can use this effect.

I had played around with Painter’s pastels, but had become frustrated with them.  Now, I have a great set of pastels.

Anything about Painter, one definitely wants to check out Karen Bonaker’s blog.  It appears Karen just set up a new blog site.  Go there for information on Painter, as well as free brushes for Painter and many other goodies for Painter.  You can buy these pastel brushes for a very reasonable $2.00.

You can check out Karen’s You Tube Channel here.

I plan on taking more landscape-type classes at DAA.  They are reasonably priced and a lot of fun.


Pastel Sky

Pastel Sky

Pastel Sky

I’m taking a pastel sunset class at the Digital Art Academy.  It was started by Karen Bonaker, who has an incredible knowledge of Painter.  Not only that, but she makes the most wonderful brushes for each class.

I totally don’t know what I’m doing drawing these landscapes.  I’ve never really done landscapes before.  I’m an abstract artist.  Before that, I did textiles.  Last month I took a landscape class at the DAA given by Aaron Rutten, who is an incredible teacher.  Aaron, has 180 videos on You Tube.  Most of them about Painter.

So, it was with trepidation that I entered the pastel sunset class.

This is my first attempt at a sunset.  I posted it in class, and got positive comments.  So I thought, what the heck, I’ll post it on my Twitter account.  OMG, it got a bunch of retweets and favorites.  I think more than any of my other paintings.

But, I have to say that this pastel bugged me  a bit.  I couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

That is where my good friend, Eva Macie came in.  Eva is a wonderful artist.  She supported herself and her children with her art.  Truly an artists dream to be self-supporting with their art.  Eva paints digitally as well as with acrylics and just about anything else.  She is a multi-faceted and multi-media artist.  Check out her blog here.  She just posted a pastel of an orange that is fabulous.

You can also see Eva’s art at Fine Art America.  Eva has exquisite taste in art and is always seeking to learn more about digital art.  Check her out at You Tube to see the great videos she watches.  I wish she’d start doing her own videos.

Eva told me she liked my first pastel.  But she too had a problem with it.  She took my pastel and turned the trees into bushes.  She pointed out that the trees I had placed were all the same size (how could I have done that?) and that they acted as a curtain.  Yes, that was it, that’s what was bugging me about this piece.  So, here is Eva’s redo of my picture.

Pastel Sky-2

Pastel Sky-2

I feel very lucky to have an artist like Eva to give me advice.  I like Eva because she calls it as she sees it.  She could have told me how wonderful this piece was.  But instead, I learned a very valuable lesson from her.


More Painting with My Paintings

Pattern Pens

Pattern Pens

This is another painting I did using pattern pens in Painter X3.

The patterns are made from my own paintings.  Look at my last post for details.

I just started a pastel class that is focusing on sunsets.  So I’ll be trying to do that for the next four weeks.  I haven’t ever really painted realistically, so I’m kind of bumbling around trying to figure out how to paint skies and clouds and the other things that go into a landscape.

I’m taking the class at the DAA, the Digital Art Academy, run by Karen Bonaker.

If you are interested in learning Painter X3, this is THE place to go.  Karen and the other instructors are wonderful.  Karen has put so much time and energy into this particular class.  She made over 30 pastel brushes for us to use.  She provided paper textures and other goodies as she calls them.

Best of all, the classes are very reasonable.  $42 for a four-week class with live webinars.


Georgia’s Flower

Georgia's Flower

Georgia’s Flower

This is a prompt painting.  A what?

I belong to a private Facebook page where we do prompt paintings.  One person will start with the first prompt, then others follow.

In this prompt painting, the first prompt was make your first layer with your three favorite colors, leaving white.

I used a deep red, a light pink and a yellow-green.

At this point, I came up with a dynamite name, Little Girl Pink and Big Girl Red.

Then the next prompt was to divide the canvas into thirds and add letters and numbers to 1/3.

Then a woman suggested that we paint a Georgia O’Keeffe-like flower in 1/3 of the painting.  Wow.  That was a challenge for me.  Paint like Georgia O’Keeffe?  I had never really even painted a flower.

I started practicing flowers and quickly became frustrated.  I have a friend who paints only flowers and does so digitally.  So I emailed her for help.  She was so generous.  She sent me over 20 brushes for Painter that she uses to do her flowers.

So I played with those.

But finally, I had to just paint the flower.  So I did.

The next prompt was to add cool colors (blue, green, purple) and some black.

Then I chimed in with add white.

But at this point, I was so worried about what I was going to do with this flower that had overtaken my painting.

So I chimed in again, as no one was adding another prompt.  I suggested we paint with transparent paints on the canvas.  I figured that would help to deal with this huge flower.

There were still several prompts to go.  We do eleven for each painting.

But I stopped.  I decided I really liked this flower the way it was.

The only problem I had was that there was no longer much red or pink and my totally cool name for this piece would have to go.  I’m going to save it for another painting.

So, I present you with Georgia’s Flower, which I had so much fun painting.

More Flowers


Flower & Shapes

Flower & Shapes

Yesterday I did two paintings.  That’s a record for me.  Usually I take days to paint one painting.  I actually finished up one piece that had driven me crazy.  It was another flower piece using Skip Allen’s Flower Maker brush.

I took a break for lunch, and went to my Reader to see what was going on in the blogging world.  The first blog was Skip’s.  He had posted another set of videos on using color effects and brushes using stroke attribute.  Those of you who use Painter know what I’m talking about, probably.  The use of the stroke attribute brush had totally eluded me since I first got Painter.

I watched Skip’s videos and found out that the stroke attribute brush acts exactly the same as layer composition effects, except directly on the paint.  Wow.  I couldn’t wait to get back to my flowers.  The three ovals behind the flowers were totally too dark.  So I used the detail oil brush with stroke attribute on and brought back out the light purples that had originally been there.  Then I worked on some of the other shapes and brought back their gradations.  Then I went to work on the flowers.  They seemed like they needed more white, so I lightened them up.  Then I looked at what I had done and saw they lacked enough color.  So I used Adjust Selected Colors under Effects and brought back the colors, only better.  I used the lasso tool to outline each flower before applying the effect to each of them.  Skip had also talked about this effect in his videos.

For anyone with an interest in Painter, I highly recommend Skip’s You Tube site and his blog.  He is full of information on Painter.

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