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Bodies On the Beach-6

Bodies On the Beach-6

Bodies On the Beach-6

Here I am with another post of Bodies On the Beach.

The couples on the left have never been to Hawaii before.  Although their clothes look like summer, they are way too much for Hawaii.

They will figure this out in the afternoon.  Off they will go to shop for cooler clothes.

Hawaii is just so warm, you barely want anything on.  I love it!

I took this with Camera+ and enhanced it with Afterlight.

Bodies On the Beach-4, an Alternate View

Bodies On the Beach-4

Bodies On the Beach-4

My husband, Warren Mitchell, was supposedly shooting pictures of a group of canoes.

While viewing the photos, I came across his idea of a Body On the Beach.

It was shot in his Sony RX 100 II.  I enhanced it a bit in Xnview, though it she was just fine as is.

Xnview is one of my favorite apps for viewing photos and art work.  It allows me to use plugins and has some enhancing options.  Best of all, it is free.


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