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This is short and to the point. But it is important information for artists and those walking a spiritual path. I know when I am deep into a painting, I’m in the theta waves. I’ve felt them in various spiritual experiences.

I think the trick is to just be able to go to these waves whenever one wants.

I’m sure if everyone could do this, the world would be a better place.

Preparing Pain Patient Documentation for Appointments

I am reblogging this in hopes it will help someone who needs drugs and is having problems convincing their physicians of this need.

There is nothing in this life more hellish than living in constant, unendurable pain. I know. I did so from 1983 to 1994.

EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

Pathway to Partnership | Confluential Truth

Dr. James Murphy has organized a truly exhaustive list of documentation you can prepare in advance for an appointment with a pain specialist.

This is a summary of how chronic pain patients can effectively prepare for a productive and meaningful visit with their Kentucky physician to address pain care options –especially when care involves the use or potential use of controlled substances. The goal is that patients and physicians will work together to maximize the therapeutic benefits and minimize the inherent risks to patients, physicians, and society.

The patient-physician relationship must be a true partnership based on respect, trust, honesty, and clear communication. The following is a summary of what patients can do to help their physician partners.

This is an excellent idea for many reasons (not only for Kentucky patients), and I can vouch for its effectiveness. 

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Ten Steps For Moving From Pain Patient To Person

Here is another great blog from the EDS Info Blog. It is ten excellent steps to move from paint patient to person. What a great idea. Also included are a list of rights.

EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

The ACPA’s Ten Steps For Moving From Patient To Person.

Making the journey from patient to person takes time. The isolation and fear that can overwhelm a person with chronic pain grows over time. And the return to a fuller, more rewarding life also takes time.

It’s a journey with many phases. The ACPA describes these phases as Ten Steps.

STEP 1: Accept the Pain

Learn all you can about your physical condition. Understand that there may be no current cure and accept that you will need to deal with the fact of pain in your life.

STEP 2: Get Involved

Take an active role in your own recovery. Follow your doctor’s advice and ask what you can do to move from a passive role into one of partnership in your own health care.

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Personal 15 Day Challenge – Trees, compilation of paintings

This is a wonderful collection of oil pastel trees done by Mary. In looking at it, I see that this is a wonderful way for an artist to build up their technical skills and be able to not just add a general tree to one’s work, but be able to add all kinds of specific trees. It also looks like a lot o fun.

Oil Pastels by Mary

Here is a compilation of all 15 paintings done for my personal tree challenge.  It was a great learning experience and will be useful in future paintings.  There’s a new challenge right around the corner .  .  . stay tuned.

To see a larger version, click on the strip of paintings.  Which is your favorite?

Day 1 through Day 5Day 6 through Day 10

Day 11 through Day 15

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