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Maui Moods

My husband and I have been going to Maui since the 1980’s. There was a long time out for over 15 years when I became sick. Since 2011, we have been able to return. There was a time when I thought I’d never see another beach or palm tree. I’m still too sick to do much when I get to Maui. But, I’ll tell you, it’s better being sick and laying on the lanai on Maui than laying on the bed in Seattle in the cold rain. 

I am fascinated by the tropical flowers I’ve seen on Maui. The flowers are lush and the colors are so bright. The flowers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. 

I also love palm trees. Every time I see one, it takes me to Maui. 

I played around for quite awhile with several paintings where I put flowers on top of palm leaves. I spent a lot of time looking at photos I took in public gardens on Maui. Finally, I decided to abstract the flowers. 

I wanted to emphasize the color and shapes of the flowers I’ve seen over the years. That was more important to me than realistically representing the flowers. 

I did this on layers in Painter. I laid down a reddish color as the base of the painting. Maui has a very red dirt. It makes for great contrast with the lush tropical greens and colors of the flowers. 

Then, I did a layer of palm leaves. I made sure that both of these layers had sharp contrast between light and dark. 

Then, I just had fun and painted the flowers how I see them. 



This is a recent painting I did. 

I used Painter with some new brushes I made. 

I used the Camel Blend brush. 

I’m trying something new. I usually paint with a small brush. I realized that if I make my brush larger, I might paint looser. I think it’s working with these new brushes. 

I can get the brush to paint both wide and thin strokes which I really like. 

I was really frustrated about 3/4 of the way through this piece. So I just took dark paint and went for it. 

I like how this painting turned out. In fact, I liked it so much, I had it made into a pillow. It looks great. 


This is a fantastic piece done by my friend, Syd. It is painted in Photoshop rather than Painter that I use. I like Syd’s blogs so much because she shares the details of her process. It is very generous of her to do this. Many people sit on this information like it is some kind of state secret.

I find that when artists are given the same information, they always put their own unique artistic touch to what they do.

Go check out Syd’s blog. It is full of wonderful photos and art.

Digital Lady Syd's Fun Photoshop Blog

Painted image of an underwater sceneThis week I got totally into being creative with some new Photoshop brushes recently purchased. By trying out a unique Mixer Brush technique, I ended up with this Underwater Party Scene and learning how to create a Color Palette to use for sampling with the Mixer Brush Tool. I will now try to share what I have learned.

Started this image with an 8″ X 8″ at 240 ppi new document. Initially I was just practicing a technique learned from a short You Tube video called Cool Mixer Brush Techniques for Photoshop Painting by Deviant Rahll. After taking a few notes I started playing with my new brushes and their settings, and ended up getting some pretty nice strokes from the Mixer Brush Tool. This technique created the nice background layers  needed to add my objects onto.

Regular Brush Tool Layer and Mixer Brush Tool Layer

So what is the…

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Something Different 


In addition to digital painting, I also do photography on my iPhone and enhance it. 

This photo started life as a group of buildings at Seventh and Westlake in downtown Seattle. 

I ran it through some apps on my iPhone and got this. 

I changed the colors of the photo, then put it into Circular by Brain Fever Apps. 

I am limited by my health as to what I can get out and shoot. So Ive started taking photos from the car. 

This was frustrating me because of all the cars and electric wires. Now, I’ve decided that somehow I’m going to work with what ai have. 

This is my current creative challenge. 

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