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What A Ride

What A Ride

What A Ride

This is a digital pastel I did in Painter 2015.

I finally have done a piece I’m happy with.  I have struggled with my art lately.  I know what I want, but I can’t get the message from my brain to the paper.

I am trying to keep my work much looser.  This, I think, is crucial to getting good results.

I used my pastel brushes that I made in Painter 2015 for this pastel.  I am trying to get the effect of dry pastels.

Best of all, I had a lot of fun doing this pastel.


New Paintings

Summer Flowers

Summer Flowers



Through the DAA (Digital Art Academy), I belong to Karen Bonaker’s Painter Club.  For $50.00 every six months, she puts together excellent three to four hour video tutorials and provides us with great brushes for Painter that she custom makes.

This month was flowers.  The idea of this tutorial was to do one piece using complementary colors and the next piece to use colors from nature.  Complementary colors are those that are opposite each other on the color wheel.  I chose red and green for my first piece.

I started the piece by laying in some light color with a watercolor brush.  Then I used a new brush Karen had provided to dab in some greens.

In Painter X3, Corel added a new feature for the brushes called Jitter.  This had been available before, but now it is available in the grain, opacity and several other settings.  It is supposed to give the brush a more natural look.  I don’t know if it does or not.

I used Karen’s Poppy Brush, with jitter set to four, to make the impressionist-like flowers. Then I turned the jitter option off and made the sharper flowers.

To give some interest to this piece, I used what are called Overlays to start to do something to the background. The first one was a pink and blue one Karen had made.

In Painter, I placed this overlay into the painting on a layer and changed the layer to multiply.  When I add multiply to the layer it becomes transparent.  The colors show, but do not cover the layers underneath.

Next, I used a pattern overlay.  In Painter, patterns are usually just that, patterns.  They can be added in all kinds of ways into the painting.  In this case, the pattern I used was also made by Karen Bonaker.  It was an overlay.  Have I thoroughly confused everyone?

I took down the opacity in both overlays and let just a bit of each show through.  You can see just shades of the pink and blue overlay.  If you look in the stems closely, you can see the drips from the pattern overlay.

After the overlays, I went back with a new leaf brush Karen had provided in this month’s brushes.  I added in a lot of green to the mid area of the painting.

I finished by adding in some stems with a couple of different brushes.

To finish this piece, I used an effect called Equalize.  This adjusts the white and black values of the painting and gives it pop.

The second piece, I am not all that happy with, but I decided to post it.  It started out as a flower, then turned into a landscape.  I spent way too much time on it.  I am determined to start doing my work without taking so long.  I think things turn out better when they are more spontaneous.

At the moment, I’m very confused whether I want to paint realistically or stick to my abstracts.  I really think I use my imagination more in the abstracts.  But the landscapes and realistic pieces seem to be calling my name.

Stay tuned to see what happens.



I’m So Excited!

Jill's Fabric

Jill’s Fabric

 Last May I had surgery to remove a kidney stone.  It turns out that general anesthesia can cause lyme to flare up.  I got really sick again.  I had just gone off the antibiotics and anti-microbials two months prior to this.

This summer has been a very hard time for me.  Some emotional issues also decided to raise their heads up.  Lucky me, I got to work through old emotional baggage.

Then my laptop that Dell replaced crashed after I had it for three weeks.  It turned out to just be a power cord issue.  But that totally put me over the edge.

I’m happy to report things have changed and are going in a very positive direction.

Physically, I am close to where I was before the surgery.  The emotional issues are resolved.  I’m older and wiser, yet again.

The biggest, best thing is that last night I found out that I one of my digital paintings had been accepted into a show sponsored by Corel, the makers of Painter, the app I paint with.

Corel has just released an upgrade to Painter.  It is called Painter 2015.  It is fabulous and incredible.  There are so many improvements, and it is so stable.  If any of you are using Painter, be sure to upgrade before September 12.  You can get the upgrade for $99 until then.  I have further details if you need them.

In conjunction with this release of Painter 2015, Corel is having a gallery show.  I submitted my piece, Kerry’s Orchid. It was accepted.  Before I became ill, I had my textile work in galleries and shows.  But I have not tried to get my digital work in any shows.  I am so honored that Corel chose this piece.  You can view the entire show here.

I really thought my days as an artist were over.  I have been so thrilled to just be doing art again, that I hadn’t even given thought to my work being included in a show.  When I found out last night that my work was accepted, I was bouncing off the walls.

The art for this blog is a sample of a piece of fabric that my great friend, Jill Saibel, had me create from one of my abstracts.  She will be making pillows with several pieces of fabric made from one of my abstracts.  I will post them once they are done.






The Icing On the Cake


The Icing On the Cake

The Icing On the Cake

I honestly don’t know where this painting came from.  It’s almost like another artist did it.  There is a struggle going on inside of my artistic self.

I had a very hard time with this one.  I’ve only been painting for two years.  I used to do textile art.

Painting is a real adventure for me.  It has been a journey of some amazing discoveries, but also some very difficult struggles.

Chiringuito Life


Chiringuito Life-kcm blog

Chiringuito Life-kcm blog

Many of you are probably saying Chirin what?  That was my reaction.

I belong to a group on Facebook run by Louise Gale.  Louise lives in Spain on the Costa de Sol.  Lucky her.

Every month, she posts a Creative Challenge for us.  She gives us a topic and five colors.  Then we create.  Either, art, poetry, photography, whatever.

This month, the challenge was Chiringuitos.

Chiringuitos are little bars on the beach with thatch roofs.  So the challenge was to create something that reminded of us of these.  I have seen similar bars in Mexico.

This is my contribution to the group this month.

If anyone is interested, you’re welcome to join us.  Check it our here.



Abstract 3



This painting is out of sequence.  I did it after Peace At Last, here, and before Wonderland, here.

This piece and Peace at Last were breakthrough pieces for me.  I have tried to paint in a certain way.  To get what I was seeing in other art and in my head, on the canvas.

Wonderland was where it all came together for me.

Since finally “getting” it, my whole attitude towards my work has changed.  I am having much more fun while painting.  I have more confidence.

I feel like I’ve embarked on a brand new adventure.  The possibilities are endless!

The Blog Hop



I’m so excited.  About two weeks ago, I discovered that art bloggers were doing blog hops.  Blog Hops are where one artist blogs about his/her art, and then asks three other artists to talk about their art in their blogs.

I really wanted to be asked to do one.  Then, last week, Yanik Falardeau asked me to participate in an art blog hop. Wow!  Thank you, God and Yanik.  Check out Yanik’s fabulous blog here

The lyme has flared back up.  Apparently general anesthesia, which I recently had, can cause this to happen.  I had been feeling very despondent about this, because I am very sick again.  So this has come at a really good time for me.

There are four questions I am to answer as part of this blog hop.

The first question is:  What are you working on at the present time?

I have just finished this painting, called Wonderland.

I took my first painting class from Flora Bowley in September, 2012.  I have been painting ever since.  As most of you know, I paint digitally.

Since I took Flora’s class, I have been working very hard to get my paintings to look like what I see in my mind.

I have been pouring over other people’s work looking for help and inspiration.  I look at work by Flora, students of Flora’s, Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Matisse, Klee and many others. I want to paint as the big kids do.

I made progress and I was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in Peace at Last (posted here) and another painting.  But they were still not quite what I was trying to get.  There was just not enough going on in the paintings.

With this painting, I feel like I finally started to get what I wanted.  I finally got a painting to do what is in my head.  This is a huge break-through piece for me.  To me, Wonderland is freer and has depth.

I know I have a long ways to go, but I’m very encouraged.  I’m starting to really have a lot of fun painting.

The second question is:  How does my work differ from others in this genre?

Flora Bowley calls her students the Bloomers.  I really like the way Flora and many of her students paint.  However, in many of the student paintings, there is a tendency to pretty much copy almost exactly what Flora does.  People use the same exact symbols and color combinations she uses.

I decided that one thing I don’t want to do is have someone look at my work and say, “Oh, yeah, she took Flora’s Bloom True class.”  I want my work to reflect the unique creative person I am.

The next question is: Why do you create what you do?

I have FM/CFS/lyme and spend about 75% of my time in bed.  I had been a textile artist prior to becoming ill in 1994.  Then, I no longer was well enough to do textiles.  I thought I could no longer do what my soul wanted to do.  Then, I found out I could paint on the computer in bed with a Wacom tablet.  Being able to paint again and be creative has filled a hole in my soul.

I am driven to create.  It is like I don’t have a choice.  For some reason, God wants me painting.  I hope that it brings joy to others.

The last question is How does your creative process work?

While I work on a painting, I stay focused on that painting.  I work only on it.

When I paint, it takes me away to a very special place.  When I can find that place, then I can tap into what makes me creative and makes me feel very good.

I work in layers.  I start out with just throwing paint, pastels, whatever on the canvas.  I build up the layers of paint and marks, to hopefully give the end painting a lot of interest. This is the part I have been struggling with so much.  I think I touched it in this painting.

I have chosen three other artists I admire to carry on blogging about their art.  I hope you will check out their pages.

They are,

Karen Bonaker at Karen Bonaker Art;

Mary at Oil Pastels By Mary;

Mo Davies, at The Crazy Crone’s Arty Farty Studio

All three of these women are wonderfully creative artists.


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