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Oh No You Don’t

Oh No You Don't

Oh No You Don’t

This painting is one I did a couple of months ago.  Somehow it didn’t get posted yet.

It is done with oil brushes and liquid inks and some pencils were added.  I did this piece in Painter 2015.

It was a very hard piece to bring to a conclusion.  I really liked parts of it, but there were areas, as it developed, that drove me nuts.  When I did this, I was focusing, as usual on lights and darks.  Values and good contrast are big parts of a good painting.

In Painter, it is possible to add a layer to the piece I’m working on, then I fill the layer with black and choose the composite method colorize.  When that layer is open, it turns the painting into grey scale.  It is then easy to see whether the painting has enough values going on.

I ended up turning this picture on its side several times before deciding that it would go this way.  That is something I learned in my first painting class from Flora Bowley.

It really comes in handy when working on an abstract.

I have had a very hard time this year with my health.  I have had a lot of break-through pain.  Something that hasn’t happened in over a year.  That, along with GOK (God Only Knows) has caused me to have to spend more time in bed and paint less this year.  I get very despondent on days when I feel sick.  It feels like I’ve stepped backwards and will never go forward again.

I think this is all part of the healing process from lyme disease.  A good friend and I have discussed this years’ setbacks.  I’ve concluded, with her help, that just maybe the bad days seem a lot worse because the good days are so much better.  I certainly hope so.

I try to continue to stay positive no matter what my health is doing.  I am just very grateful to be able to do art again.


I’m so Excited

Pink Fish

Pink Fish

In 2012, through an odd series of “coincidences”,  I took a painting class from Flora Bowley.

A very good friend at that time, tricked me into signing up for Flora’s eclass.  I was very sick with fibro, lyme and CFS.  I had been in bed for over 20 years.

I was kind of doing art.  But I was just too sick to do much.  Making a phone call overwhelmed me.  Trying to be creative was impossible.

Then, I discovered the computer app I now use, Painter.  At that same exact time, Flora came into my life with her philosophy of life and art.  I had a positive outlook on life, but it had never occurred to me to apply that to my art.  Duh!

Flora has shared stories of her students  in her blog.  This week, she chose my story.

Click here to read the blog.  While you’re there, check out her fantastic art and be sure to check out her classes.  Be sure to click on “Shop” at the top.  She has fantastic products made from her art for sale.  Flora’s art or her classes make fabulous Christmas gifts.

CFS/ME & FM Awareness Day

Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine

Yesterday, May 12, was the 22nd annual day to raise awareness of ME/CFS & FM.

The purpose of this day is to raise international awareness of these crippling diseases.  You can find out more about this day on Facebook.

Everyone that could was to light up their home, business, building (themselves?) in these colors.

There are specific colors that are used, purple for FM, blue for ME/CFS and green for multiple chemical sensitivities.

Of course, there was no news coverage here or in Canada that I or my Canadian friends saw, except for a radio station in Salmon Arm, British Columbia.

My good friend, Jerre Pacquette, has a weekly radio show every Monday called What So What.  It is broadcast on the radio station, Voice of the Shuswap.  It is repeated every Thursday.  It is an information show about health and eating well.

Yesterday, Jerre, had his show focus on this vitally important issue.  His guest was one of my other very good friends, his wife, Carole Jeffries.  Carole suffers from ME/CFS and FM.  She has been so very sick, but is now some improved.

It was very brave of Carole to go on the radio and share her story.  It is hard for all of us with these diseases to look back at the hell we went through before being diagnosed.  Then the nightmares of trying to find adequate medical help.  You all know what I’m talking about.  No one believes you’re sick.  Doctors are ignorant.  Friends and family don’t understand.  You don’t look sick, even though you feel like you’re dying.

So, although I didn’t blog about this yesterday, you, lucky readers, get another chance to listen to Carole’s story.  The show will be repeated on Thursday at 4:00 PM, Pacific time.

You can link to it here.

Give it a listen.  It also includes an excerpt from a mother testifying as to her two 20-something-year old sons’ trials with CFS.  It is a powerful show and not to be missed.

The art is a little collage that I put together.

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