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Hawaiian Clouds

Hawaiian Clouds

Hawaiian Clouds

This is another pastel I did for my pastel class.  I’m really having a lot of fun exploring pastels and landscapes.

This is the view from the lanai where we stayed in Maui last year.  Actually this was a sunrise, but I turned it into a sunset.

I’m feeling like I need to paint an abstract.  These landscapes stretch me and challenge me.  That is fine and good.  But I love to paint abstracts.


Hawaiian Sunset

Hawaiian Sunset

Hawaiian Sunset

This pastel was done from a photograph I took from our lanai last November in Maui.

I haven’t ever really done landscapes until recently.  I really didn’t think I could draw one.  But I’ve taken two classes on landscape art now, and amazingly, I’m doing them.  They are so much fun.

I am taking a class from Karen Bonaker at the Digital Art Academy.

Karen made over 30 pastel brushes for us to use in our class.  They are amazing brushes.  They make marks just like various kinds of real pastels.  One can use different paper textures to get different effects.

These brushes were made to use a setting Painter has to paint with two colors at the same time.  It is called Color Expression.  Karen made these brushes so that when I press lightly, I get one color and as I press harder, a second color appears.  This feature is just great.  Many of Painter’s brushes can use this effect.

I had played around with Painter’s pastels, but had become frustrated with them.  Now, I have a great set of pastels.

Anything about Painter, one definitely wants to check out Karen Bonaker’s blog.  It appears Karen just set up a new blog site.  Go there for information on Painter, as well as free brushes for Painter and many other goodies for Painter.  You can buy these pastel brushes for a very reasonable $2.00.

You can check out Karen’s You Tube Channel here.

I plan on taking more landscape-type classes at DAA.  They are reasonably priced and a lot of fun.


Bodies On the Beach-10

Bodies On the Beach-10

Bodies On the Beach-10

My husband and I wake up early every morning.  It has been nice to be out on the lanai, watching everyone wake up.

One treat we see each day is a group from a canoe club down the beach.  They get up and go out in the ocean about 6:30 each morning.

This picture was taken by my husband, Warren C. Mitchell on a Sony RX 100 II.

If anyone is looking to buy a camera, this one is very good.  It is a large view lens which makes the quality of the photos as good as DSLR cameras.

This is my last week.  I have so enjoyed my trip.


Aloha and Your Body’s OK

Bodies on the Beach-01

Bodies on the Beach-01

I came to Maui and my fibro flare followed.

The airplane trip was pure hell.  They cram people into teeny tiny seats that don’t move.

I arrived on Sunday and have been very ill since.  On the positive side, the pain attacks are subsiding.

Today, I seem to resemble a human being.

We’ve been coming to Maui for nearly 30 years.  I love it here.

We look out over the ocean from our lanai, where I’m taking it easy and recovering while I write this blog.

I get to do a lot of people watching from the lanai.

I wake up early every morning.  I come out on the lanai, and it is still and quiet.  The only sound is that of the surf on the beach.  A bird here and there.

Slowly, people arrive.  A jogger shows up.  Then older couples start their morning beach walks.  Later on, the children with their parents and grandparents are coming out.  It’s fascinating to watch.

I used to be able to wear those brief bikinis and strut around.  Not now.

What I’ve noticed in the last three years, is that most people do not have those fantastic bodies everyone seems to strive for.  What I see is that there are as many kinds and shapes of bodies as there are people.

I decided that I want to take a series of pictures called Bodies on the Beach.  See if you find yours.  I will try to post a picture most days.  Remember, I’m on vacation in Maui, things are much slower here.  I’m so calm and peaceful even if I did bring FM with me.

The photo above is the first of the series.  It is taken with Camera+ and enhanced in Afterlight on my iPhone.  I highly recommend both of these products.

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