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Traffic In The City



I love to take photos from our car as we drive through Seattle.  Seattle is such an interesting city.  I have lived in Seattle all my life.  I love the rhythm of the city as we drive through it.

Recently, we were driving up Boren Avenue past some new construction.  It was early morning, it was a gorgeous summer day.  I could just feel the beat of the city.  I hope you enjoy this photo.

I put this up on Instagram and someone commented that she was glad she didn’t live in the city.  That she was grateful she lived in the desert.  Well, I’m glad she lives there too.  That is what makes her happy.  We all dance to different drummers.  We need to live where the music plays for us.

This was taken on my iPhone 6 Plus and edited in Photoshop and on my iPhone in Enlight.


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