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A Painting 

This is a quick painting I did on my iPad Pro. 

I am entering my sixth month of a quick three month remodel. OMG what an experience this has been. 

First, I have to say I am honored to have had master craftsmen do the work in my home. But the problems that have come up. The stupidity of their office people. Like why rip out the house and then let it sit for two months and do nothing?  All the while we’re living in it in two rooms and a bath?  I could go on and on. But it will upset me too much. The upset I had with the overpriced and inadequate decorator is unbelievable. Two days after the painter arrived, I was still arguing about colors with her. The first day she came to my house, I showed her the colors I wanted to use. Why did she ignore me?  I can’t believe the screw ups she did. 

She charged us an arm and a leg and contributed zero. 

It’s all a silly game that they play. The homeowner gets screwed. So do the workers I have a feeling. 

My art and photography has suffered so much I can’t believe it. So has my physical health. I developed a stress ulcer and the doctor had to put me on tranquilizers. Over a stupid remodel?  I should be feeling joy from this. Instead, I just feel regret and disgust. 

Everyone tells me I’ll look at this eventually and be glad I did it. I hope so. It cost a lot of money. 

They should be out of here soon. I keep saying that and yet they won’t leave. 

We’ve gone through three painters!  Unbelievable. 

A Beautiful Rose

IMG_1725This is one of the beautiful roses I received for my 41st anniversary on May 29th.  I can’t believe that we have been married that long.  I first met my husband in 1969, and we moved in together in 1970.

Looking at both of us at that time, you would not have thought things would work out.  But they did.  We have had high times and low times.  There was a time I wanted a divorce.  I’m so grateful he said no.  Fortunately, I was so sick with Lyme disease that I couldn’t fuss too much.

What I’ve learned in all these years is that I should keep my mouth shut. I don’t know how successful I’ve really been at that.  I think my husband is the one who has kept his mouth shut and been agreeable and given in way more than me.  That is why I love him so very much.

I shot this rose with my iPhone 7 Plus.  I used the zoom lens.  Then I used Enlight app to edit it.  I am trying out their Beta app at this time.  I like it.  But it looks like they are going to charge a monthly fee for many of their basic features.  That’s too bad.

Then I put it into iColorama and I forget exactly what I did.  There is so much to play with in iColorama, that I can never remember what I did.



Hawthorn Tree, Spring is Definitely Here

Warren and I took a very short walk Saturday. His foot is in one of those walking boot things. He has a pulled tendon in his foot. Not much walking for four weeks. 

Seattle was literally glowing with bright spring colors. It was glorious. It was like all the trees had opened overnight and burst into color.

To take this photo, I used my iPhone 7 Plus. I was in Camera+ in macro mode, so they took away my raw capabilities. But I got a pretty good photo anyway. 

Three Ways To See A Tree

I went for a walk along the beach. I saw this tree and I just had to take her photograph. 

I immediately did what I think people call an emotive edit. It was pretty dark. That is posted at my Digital Bunny Instagram account. You can connect to that account by clicking on it on the right hand side of the screen. 

But then I wasn’t happy with it. So I worked on it some more. 

I now have three more versions of it. So I’m putting those up here. I would basically call these dark, medium and light. 

Initially, I thought I liked the dark one because it had the most intense colors and the most contrast. 

Now I just don’t know. Each photograph offers something unique to the viewer. All tell a story about the tree. They all have interesting textures and shapes. 

I’m relatively new to photography. What I don’t want to do is do what’s been done before. 

I’m retired. I have free time to play. So I want to play with my photos in a new way. I want to do all this on my iPhone and iPad mostly. There is a rumble out there going on in photography. It’s happening on the iPhone and iPads. I want to be part of that. It’s new, and it’s exciting!  It’s very cutting edge. 

The Watchers

This is an edit I did recently. I got my source images from Getty Images.

The question in this piece is who’s watching who?

Are the people watching?  If so, what are they watching?  Or are they just looking down. Or are they being watched by the eyes in the mountains?  Who are the eyes in the mountains and what do they represent?  Are they our conscience, society, the CIA or mother?

Then you will need to figure out if the thing in the sky is actually a Russian spy plane or what?

Then perhaps this is none of the above. You decide for yourself. Wherever your imagination takes you is where you should go.

I did this on my iPad using Leonardo. I have tried to use Union but it only has one layer. Which in my opinion, severely limits it.

The masking brush in Leonardo could use some improvement. I noticed that it’s sister app SuperImpose has recently gotten some big updates. It is supposed to really do a great job on masking hair. Again, this app only has one layer.

Additionally, I worked in Stackables.

Did You Really Say That


This is a painting that I started about two years ago.  It gave me nothing but grief.  I could see the eye in the main face just about in the center of the piece, but I could not get it to work.  I kept struggling with this piece, but nothing would work.  It just looked ugly.  I would go to other areas in the painting to work, and things just got worse.

Finally, I just gave up and put it away.  I have learned to never throw away or in my case of digital paintings, delete, a painting.  You just never know.

So about a month ago, I pulled this out.  Now this is where the joy of digital painting comes about.  I had the base of this painting.  I had started it in Rebelle, a watercolor app for the computer.  So, I was able to pretty much go back to that.  There were a couple of areas I wanted too preserve.  I kept those.  Then just like magic, the painting came together.

I haven’t had a painting go this easily ever!  It just flowed.  Which, given that it gave me such fits for so long, I guess I deserved this.

If you look around, you can find all kinds of other faces.  There’s a guy in the upper left spewing out all kinds of garbage.  We all know that kind of person, right?

I had a blast making this painting.  I hope you enjoy looking at it.

As I said, I started this painting in Rebelle, where I start pretty much all my paintings. Then I took it into Painter 2017 to finish it.  I used brushes I made.  I made the brushes from dynamic speckle types.  If you want more details about the brushes, or want the brushes, contact me.

Introducing Blue!!!

I don’t use blue in my paintings. Not ever, not never!

Well, kiss those days goodbye. 

I have slowly been putting little dabs of blue in my abstracts. But now, in this painting, there is bright blue in large areas. 

I did this and the earth is still spinning around. I will note there was the election outcome that was pretty damn weird right after I painted this, however. 

Anyway, this was done on my iPad Pro in my favorite app, Procreate. 

Speaking of favorite apps, most of you know how very angry I have been at Corel, the makers of Painter. My former go-to painting app. 

Well, I just updated to the 2017 version of Painter during their Cyber Monday sale. Although my love affair with Painter will never be the same, I will say that in this version the mysterious brush lag I experienced in 2016 has 99% gone away. 

The app is running very smooth and feels like what one would expect from a top-tier painting app. 

But, Painter, how could you have treated me like you did for a whole year?  And no one at Corel gave a damn. They promised me I could be a beta tester, they told me they would help me. Then they just left me out in the cold with brush lag.  My little heart was broken. I never did or said anything mean to them. 

I’m slowly learning the new features in 2017. I’ll let you know what I think when I get them figured out. Mostly, they’re not really for abstract painters. 

For some reason, I’ve fallen in love with the particle brushes. Those were introduced a couple of years ago, I think. I didn’t like them at all. 

However, I’ve been using some fascinating particle brushes made by Skip Allen. That opened up my mind and got me exploring the particle brushes. 

Also, Jason Maranto has a very nice library of brushes at his blog spot blog. 

I’ve been playing with those and having a blast. 

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