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There Are Many Windows to the Soul

I struggled and struggled with this painting. I started it in the application Rebelle. I used watercolors and inks and had lots of drips in bright colors. But, I just couldn’t get it to come together.

This painting had at least seven incarnations before it became what it is now.

As I got close to finishing it, I felt it was missing something. So I started putting in circles. Then, the circles started to look like windows.

Thus, the name.




My husband retired last July, and I got behind in blogging because I used to do my blogging and reading of blogs during lunch.  Now, I eat lunch with him. I’m trying to get caught up on reading other’s blogs and writing my own.

Overall, I’m glad that Warren is retired and is spending more time with me.  We have been together since 1970.  We moved in together that year.  When we were younger, and sometimes not employed, we always had a blast together.  I had pictured the same thing would be true now that we are no longer employed and have all day free to play.

The only thing I did not consider is that I am sick, and can’t go out and play anytime I want to.  Despite that, I am still enjoying having Warren in my life all day, every day.

This winter was very hard for me.  I had a flare of some kind, and was sick from New Years Eve until recently.  I am feeling on the upswing now.  But, it was a real scare.  I went back to spending days where I could do nothing but lay in bed, under the covers and be very sick.  I had a lot of pain breakthroughs that were very severe.  On those days, old tapes would start to play in my head.  I would start to think that I was going to spend all day, every day back in bed and be able to do nothing.

That is when positive thinking came back to save me.  I got myself calmed down and thought through the process logically.  I would admit that yes, I’m sick today.  But the recent pattern has been that I will be sick one day and then better the next.  Usually within two days, I’m up, dressed and going out to lunch with Warren.  I affirmed these things.  I prayed for help and guidance.  I practiced positive thinking.  I forced myself to think in a positive way.

As usual, it worked.  The pain eventually subsided and is under control again with morphine.  I have more energy and am feeling better just in time for summer.

A Bird In Your Pocket

A Bird in Your Pocket

A Bird in Your Pocket

I have had a very challenging year, health-wise.  The fibromyalgia flared up around New Years Eve, and has kept me lying low many days.

Last fall, while we were in Maui, I started sitting up all day.  This was the first time in over 18 years that I didn’t spend 99% of my days in bed.  I also got dressed every day.  This may not sound like a lot, but when you’ve lived in a nightie in bed for so long, it is huge.

When we got home in November, I continued sitting up in my art studio.  I was doing so well that at Christmas, I got a new, 27″ screen for my computer!  It makes a huge difference to paint on that rather than my laptop computer.  But then, the first of the year, I found myself back in bed more than in my studio.  It has been a real battle to get enough rest and still sit up as much as possible.

But, I feel like I’ve won the battle.  In the last few weeks, I’ve been able to go to my studio at least three to four days a week.  I’m even taking small walks down to our mailbox.

Now a Bird In Your Pocket.

Summer Dreams

Summer Dreaming

Summer Dreaming

This is a piece that I started in a new application, called Rebelle. Rebelle is basically a watercolor digital painting program.  It is unbelievable!  I have talked about it in my last two blogs.  It makes watercolors and inks that flow and drip just like in the real world.

In Rebelle, I laid down a layer of acrylics and then used the water to make drips coming down all over the page.  I also used the ink brush to add more details and drips.

Then I brought this into Painter and used oils to paint in the flowers and leaves.

This is another break-through piece for me.  It is loose and flowing.  Something I have tried very hard to get in my work.

I also managed to keep good light and dark values going in this piece.  Another thing that has challenged me for quite some time.

Flower Jungle

Flower Jungle

Flower Jungle

This is a new painting I recently finished.

I’m very excited about this particular painting.  It is the second in a series of paintings where my art takes a huge turn.  The first painting is Dripping Down which I previously blogged.  There are three more in addition to this one.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I purchased a new digital painting app called Rebelle, by Escape Motions. This new app allows me to do things I’ve wanted to do this in my paintings forever.  It makes these fabulous drips.  It has watercolors, inks and acrylics that I’ve used to start my paintings.  Then, I bring them into Painter and finish them up with oil brushes.  I am having so much fun.

The way I paint completely lends itself to drips and running water media.  I start my paintings by making marks of all kinds on the first layer.  Then, I keep refining the marks and adding more objects/marks until a painting or specific objects start to emerge. This is called intuitive painting.  At the moment, it is a very popular way to paint.  Flora Bowley and Tracy Verdugo, whom I have taken classes from, both teach on-line classes in intuitive painting.  Along with their art classes, they both teach a philosophy of living in a positive and joyous way.  Flora even has people doing yoga poses as part of her classes.

I find this a great way to paint, and it lends itself well to digital media.

When I took the first course from Flora, she used drips a lot.  I loved the effect she got from them.  I have tried to get this running effect ever since.  Now, I have it. It has completely changed how I paint.  I feel I finally am developing a style that is uniquely my own, and one that others are enjoying.

Stay tuned in for the next few paintings, and you’ll see what I mean.


Dripping Down

Dripping Down

Dripping Down

I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it!

Since last summer, I have tried to get Painter to make drips.  Just little drips.  Nothing complex.  But drip, it would not.

A group called Escape Motions is in the process of releasing a new digital painting app called Rebelle.  Escape Motions is a group of artists who make digital art apps.  This new product, Rebelle, is out of this world.

It is a watercolor application.  It does watercolors just like in the real world.  It is totally amazing.  Then it also has an ink pen that paints, drips and is also, amazing.  In addition, the app will do acrylics, pastels, markers and pencil.  There is a tool that lets one add water, and then watch things run in drips!

Right now, it is in beta.  But it’s a very good beta.  I purchased the program for about $40.00.  This was a pre-release special.  It will sell for $59.99 when it is released. If you haven’t tried this product, I highly recommend it.  Even in beta, it works great.

I won’t compare it with Painter.  That would be very hard.  Painter is a huge application and does so many things.  What I notice is that Rebelle feels light and free.  That’s how I feel when I’m painting on it.

So, this is one of my first paintings done entirely on Rebelle.  I took it into Painter to sign it and do some technical end things like adding equalize.  Equalize is a tool in Painter that I use at the end of my paintings.  It intensifies the highlights and darks.  This is a very handy tool.

I had so much fun painting this.  I hope you enjoy it.

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