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I am a digital artist. I love to paint on my computer and iPad Pro. I am also a photographer.

Bodies On the Beach-6

Bodies On the Beach-6

Bodies On the Beach-6

Here I am with another post of Bodies On the Beach.

The couples on the left have never been to Hawaii before.  Although their clothes look like summer, they are way too much for Hawaii.

They will figure this out in the afternoon.  Off they will go to shop for cooler clothes.

Hawaii is just so warm, you barely want anything on.  I love it!

I took this with Camera+ and enhanced it with Afterlight.

Bodies On the Beach-5

Bodies On the Beach-5

Bodies On the Beach-5

I’m happy to report that I’m finally recovering from the fibro flare.  I’ve been able to get up and out a bit.

This woman is amazing.  Even though she walks with a cane, she was trucking!

I couldn’t catch her with the camera until she stopped to talk to this dog.

Taken with my iPhone in Camera+.  I used Afterlight and Xnview to enhance this photo.


Bodies On the Beach-4, an Alternate View

Bodies On the Beach-4

Bodies On the Beach-4

My husband, Warren Mitchell, was supposedly shooting pictures of a group of canoes.

While viewing the photos, I came across his idea of a Body On the Beach.

It was shot in his Sony RX 100 II.  I enhanced it a bit in Xnview, though it she was just fine as is.

Xnview is one of my favorite apps for viewing photos and art work.  It allows me to use plugins and has some enhancing options.  Best of all, it is free.


Bodies On the Beach-2

Bodies On the Beach-2

Bodies On the Beach-2

I just can’t resist posting this picture.

We could hear the wife telling this man to NOT go into the ocean on this board with his camera.

He patiently explained to her that he was only going to be on his knees.  He pointed out (sarcastically) that this way he could maintain perfect balance and not fall.

This is a picture of him handing his wet, soaked camera back to his wife.


Aloha and Your Body’s OK

Bodies on the Beach-01

Bodies on the Beach-01

I came to Maui and my fibro flare followed.

The airplane trip was pure hell.  They cram people into teeny tiny seats that don’t move.

I arrived on Sunday and have been very ill since.  On the positive side, the pain attacks are subsiding.

Today, I seem to resemble a human being.

We’ve been coming to Maui for nearly 30 years.  I love it here.

We look out over the ocean from our lanai, where I’m taking it easy and recovering while I write this blog.

I get to do a lot of people watching from the lanai.

I wake up early every morning.  I come out on the lanai, and it is still and quiet.  The only sound is that of the surf on the beach.  A bird here and there.

Slowly, people arrive.  A jogger shows up.  Then older couples start their morning beach walks.  Later on, the children with their parents and grandparents are coming out.  It’s fascinating to watch.

I used to be able to wear those brief bikinis and strut around.  Not now.

What I’ve noticed in the last three years, is that most people do not have those fantastic bodies everyone seems to strive for.  What I see is that there are as many kinds and shapes of bodies as there are people.

I decided that I want to take a series of pictures called Bodies on the Beach.  See if you find yours.  I will try to post a picture most days.  Remember, I’m on vacation in Maui, things are much slower here.  I’m so calm and peaceful even if I did bring FM with me.

The photo above is the first of the series.  It is taken with Camera+ and enhanced in Afterlight on my iPhone.  I highly recommend both of these products.

I was Nominated, Now You’re Nominated!

Blues by Kerry C. Mitchell


I was nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award.  I am so excited and thrilled.  Now I get to nominate six of my readers for this award.

Jennifer Avventura started this award to show appreciation to her readers.

For details, please go here.

I was awarded by Jumping Jenny 444.  To check out her fabulous blog, click here.  Like me, she has fibromyalgia, but manages to go on with life with a great attitude and never feels sorry for herself.  A very brave and courageous woman.

Jenny states in her blog, and I totally agree,

“Yes, I have fibromyalgia, but fibromyalgia does NOT have me!”

Like most of life, the Reader Appreciation Award has a few simple rules.  Here they are.  I managed to handle them, so I’m sure you can.

1. Award your top 6 bloggers who have commented the most.
2. Be thankful.
3. You cannot award someone who has already been awarded. And you cannot give the award back to me.
4. Don’t forget to tell the bloggers you’ve awarded.
5. If you don’t want to pass on this award, that’s okay too. Just admire it.

Here are the readers who are also bloggers I’ve nominated.

Heather Roberts

Eva Macie

Finding My Inner Courage

Beatrice Desper

Daniel Milberg

Marisa Aceves

I also want to mention Leigh Prim, who doesn’t have a blog, but has been super supportive to me in this venture into blogging.

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