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I am a digital artist. I love to paint on my computer and iPad Pro. I am also a photographer.

I Got Another Award


Just before I left for Hawaii, super nice Jenn at My Fibrotastic Life, gave me yet another award.  I am so honored.

This award is called, I am Part of the Word Press Family.  It was started by Shaun whose blog is Looking for reasoning in to a complicated word.

I am very honored to have received this award.

When one wins this award, that person is to award it to ten others.  I barely have started blogging, and don’t know that many Word Press bloggers, so I am awarding less than ten.

I am just starting to get that Word Press is a family.  Most days at lunch, I sit at my computer and read the blogs I subscribe to.  I’m starting to get to know blogging and bloggers.  I really look forward to reading the blogs I am getting to know.

I am mostly interested in other artists and people with fibromyalgia/CFS/Lyme.  Those two things are most of my life.

I would like to pass this award on to:

Dawn Y. Hosking, who has been so supportive of me and my blog.  Check her blog out here.

I would also like to pass the award to another supportive reader, Daniel Milberg, an awesome photographer.

I absolutely have to award Heather Roberts whose blog is Sincerely Ms. Roberts.  Her blog is always interesting with subject all over the map.

I always enjoy seeing what Hanno Phenn comes up with in his art.  So I include him in this award.

Bodies On the Beach-10

Bodies On the Beach-10

Bodies On the Beach-10

My husband and I wake up early every morning.  It has been nice to be out on the lanai, watching everyone wake up.

One treat we see each day is a group from a canoe club down the beach.  They get up and go out in the ocean about 6:30 each morning.

This picture was taken by my husband, Warren C. Mitchell on a Sony RX 100 II.

If anyone is looking to buy a camera, this one is very good.  It is a large view lens which makes the quality of the photos as good as DSLR cameras.

This is my last week.  I have so enjoyed my trip.


Bodies On the Beach-8

Bodies On the Beach-8

Bodies On the Beach-8

I have a very special photograph today.

It is my favorite body of all time, my husband, Warren and a new friend we met today.  Kayla, a Rhodesian Humpback.  She originated in Africa, where her breed are used to hunt lions.

She is a beautiful dog, with a warm personality.  She is missing her hump, however.  Kayla lives on Maui, where she loves to romp on the beach.

This is another photo from my iPhone.

Bodies On the Beach-7-She Runs Like a Girl

Bodies On the Beach-7

Bodies On the Beach-7

I thought of the old saying, “she runs like a girl” when I saw this woman running on the beach.  Yeah, she does run like a girl, an athletic one.

This woman comes out to run early each morning.  I’ve tried to capture her for several days, but she runs too fast.  I finally got her today on her return when she slowed a bit.

Here’s to strong women.


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