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Bring Back Our Girls

Bring Back Our Girls

Bring Back Our Girls

By now, everyone is probably familiar with the kidnapping of 270 girls in Nigeria by a terrorist organization.  To date, these girls have not been returned.  They were kidnapped because they dared to want to learn.  There were several dozen armed terrorists who came into this town, and set the dormitory of the 16-18 year-old girls on fire.  Then they herded the girls into trucks and drove away.

The name of this group, which I refuse to print, means Western Education is a Sin.

These girls are Christians and Muslims, alike.  Other schools in the area had been closed because of the concern of this occurring.  However, this school had reopened so that the young women could take their final exams and complete their school year.  These young women were going to school to follow their dreams.

Instead, they are now being auctioned off at $12 each.

This is an outrage.  It is oppression of women at its worst.

So what do we do?  I have found one way.

Jessica Sporn, a very talented and generous artist has done a wonderful thing.  She has started an on-line auction of donated art to raise money to help bring these girls back.  I am one of the participating artists.

The auction starts at 7:00 am Eastern time today and runs through Saturday, May 17, at 3:00 pm Eastern time.  You can check it out here.

When something like these happens, we all feel so helpless.  We wonder what we, so far away, can possibly do.  Well, this is one way.  Check out the auction.

If you can’t afford to buy any of the art, then go on Twitter, Instagram and FB and say something.  Publicize this auction.

You can find out what else you can do at  Girl Rising .  There is further information on Facebook.

Here are the blogs and websites of the wonderful artists who have so generously donated their art to this cause.

Jessica Sporn   http://jessicasporn.blogspot.com

Linda Kittmer  http://lindakittmer.blogspot.ca

Ronda Palazzari  http://rondapalazzari.typepad.com

Marjie Kemper   http://www.marjiekemper.com

Judy Shea   http://thekeytomyart.wordpress.com

Glenda Hogland   http://pilgrimsthoughts.blogspot.com

Astrid Maclean  http://astridsartisticefforts.blogspot.com

Lisa Pace   http://lisapace.com

Jackie Neal   http://creatingwithoutcrayons-jackiepneal.com

Claudine Criner   http://claudinesartcorner.blogspot.com

France Papillon   http://www.france-papillon.com

Kristin Van Valkenburgh  http://TwinkleTwinkleLikeAStar.blogspot.com

Marcia Beckett  http://marciabeckett.blogspot.com

Ruth Levy   http://lerusho.wordpress.com/

Sally Lynn MacDonald   http://www.SallyLynnMacDonald.com

Renee Zarate   http://renee-boltonhouse.blogspot.com

Natasha May   http://natashamay.blogspot.com/

Carmen Whitehead   http://www.serendipitystudiobycw.blogspot.com/

Seth Apter   http://thealteredpage.blogspot.com/

Marybeth Shaw   http://mbshaw.blogspot.com/

Amy Ingardia-Walker  http://creativelyquirkyathome.blogspot.com/

Kelly Warren  http://happyshackdesigns.blogspot.com

Julie Bernier http://juliebernierphotography.zenfolio.com/

Adrienne Hoban  http://www.allure-decor.com/

Krista van Tol   http://craftylittlepigtails.blogspot.com

Cheryl Grigsby http://cherylspaperartz.blogspot.com

Jill Meyer www.jillmeyer.com

Lisa Flaherty http://mypeaceofpaper.blogspot.com

Kerry C. Mitchell http://kerrycmitchell.com


Auction Again


Artists Give Back

Artists Give Back


I am donating two pieces of art to an on-line auction to raise funds for a group in Kenya.  You can see these pieces here.

I did this once before, donated art to an on-line auction.  See my post here.

Jessica Sporn is organizing this again.  Check out her blog.  She is an incredibly talented artist, and a very giving, caring person.

This time we are donating the proceeds to an organization called Pastoralist Child Foundation.  It is in Kenya.  I have a special place in my heart for Kenya.  I’ve never been there.  I just know that it is one of the most beautiful places on earth to look at.  The trees, especially sing to my soul. 

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