I was in a crazy mood one day and drew this crazy woman.

I did this drawing in Painter using their new Natural Media brushes. Corel, the maker of Painter wanted to attract real artists. So they made a group of real art brushes for them. It made me wonder what they thought I was? A fake artist? What kind of brushes have they been dishing up to me all these years? I think the person who introduced this just used poor wording.

Anyway, these Natural Media brushes are pretty cool. There are pencils, conte, charcoal and erasers that I really like. I used those to make Conchita.

If you have Painter and haven’t tried these categories out yet, you should.

Of course, I wasn’t happy with the default brushes and had to tinker with all of them to get them how I liked them. But they didn’t take too much adjusting.

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