Controlled Chaos

I recently took a class from a woman, Tricia Dewey (find her here). It was called Controlled Chaos. It was an amazing course. We learned a lot about several iPad and iPhone apps.

The app that fascinated me the most was one called Decim8. This is what is known as a Glitch app. These apps take your photo and tear the pixels apart. All to varying degrees.

Then we took our photos that Decim8 had taken apart and layered them in another fairly new app called SuperimposeX. It is made by the maker of Leonardo and Superimpose.

This is a new layering app with blending ability and it does other things also.

I took my piece after putting it in SuperimposeX and put it in Procreate and used a pencil to put some lines on it.

By the way!!!! Tricia and I have opened a page on Facebook where we teach IOS Apps. The page is called IAG-IOS App Group. You can reach us here.

Each month we will do a video, give you a photo to do the Challenge and have a feature slide show at the end of the month. Come and join us!!!

  2 comments for “Controlled Chaos

  1. May 4, 2018 at 10:46 am

    very cool effects…

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