A Painting 

This is a quick painting I did on my iPad Pro. 

I am entering my sixth month of a quick three month remodel. OMG what an experience this has been. 

First, I have to say I am honored to have had master craftsmen do the work in my home. But the problems that have come up. The stupidity of their office people. Like why rip out the house and then let it sit for two months and do nothing?  All the while we’re living in it in two rooms and a bath?  I could go on and on. But it will upset me too much. The upset I had with the overpriced and inadequate decorator is unbelievable. Two days after the painter arrived, I was still arguing about colors with her. The first day she came to my house, I showed her the colors I wanted to use. Why did she ignore me?  I can’t believe the screw ups she did. 

She charged us an arm and a leg and contributed zero. 

It’s all a silly game that they play. The homeowner gets screwed. So do the workers I have a feeling. 

My art and photography has suffered so much I can’t believe it. So has my physical health. I developed a stress ulcer and the doctor had to put me on tranquilizers. Over a stupid remodel?  I should be feeling joy from this. Instead, I just feel regret and disgust. 

Everyone tells me I’ll look at this eventually and be glad I did it. I hope so. It cost a lot of money. 

They should be out of here soon. I keep saying that and yet they won’t leave. 

We’ve gone through three painters!  Unbelievable. 

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  1. June 12, 2017 at 8:16 am

    Hang in there Kerry!

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