I have made a lot of art recently, but not blogging much.  Thus, I am quite behind in what is on my blog and where I am with my art.

I’m finding it’s hard to remember how I worked with each painting because they were done weeks ago.

Today’s painting is one that I recall was very challenging.  This happens to me quite often.  I really struggle with a painting to get it finished.  Nothing ever seems to come easy for me with my art.

I see other artists and they just seem to flow with art coming out of them very easily.

Although I know from living as long as I have that no human experience is ever unique, so I know there must be others like me that struggle with their paintings.

I love to do art.  I think the satisfaction is many times in the struggle to get the piece to look like what I want it to say.

There is a very long road from what the brain sees to what finally gets put on the paper.

I hope you enjoy Mesmerize.

  2 comments for “Mezmerize

  1. September 21, 2015 at 10:03 pm

    Mesmerize draws me in – a wonderful piece filled with depth and form. Sometimes art doesn’t come easy, but in the end your pieces don’t look like they evolved from a point of struggle, rather internal creativity. Keep on keeping on Kerry, you’ve made huge strides in developing your art – love what you have done!

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